Testimonial #1

A 63-year old female and her adult daughter diagnosed with autism visited a Connecting Link office at a point of high need.  They came to our office needing housing, WV photo identifications, driving records from a previous state in order to obtain WV identifications, prescription medication assistance, and information on where to obtain fresh fruits and vegetables needed for her daughters special diet.  Both clients were on a fixed income.Connecting Link was able to assist with all of their needs.

They were experiencing housing instabilities and Connecting Link was able to walk them through the process of gaining stable affordable housing in a location where they felt safe and had easy access to community resources as they did not have a vehicle.

Connecting Link was able to assist in locating a faith based food pantry that offered fresh produce from their on-site garden along with a local CSA community program that offers fresh produce from a local farm when available.

The client expressed her sincere appreciation to our staff and reached out to our partner sponsor, United Way, expressing her gratitude.  She continues to this day to keep in touch with our staff and provides updates on how they are doing.  Below is an email the client sent to the United Way and Connecting Link, Inc:

I’m _______________________.  I have a young daughter with autism born in Morgantown where I went to WVU.  We have just returned after 15 years.

Due to the extremely high expenses associated with my daughter’s disability lately especially in regard to changing out an assistance animal which doesn’t have any grant or agency support, we found ourselves in need of help moving into an apartment here.  We stayed as long as we could in a motel.  Then needed to be in a shelter, which did not work well at all for my daughter though some accommodations that could be made were given to us.

I attempted to get help through one agency getting into an apartment.  That didn’t go well either.  However, when I called and spoke to a Connecting Link employee in the phone–from that point on we felt cared about.  We felt empowered.  Our transition was successful.  We love where we are living.  We’ve picked up and moved on with our lives–which involves volunteering, planning committees, community and policy work.

Even people we dealt with, getting into a lovely, bright, airy, functional, safe place (we got the lead from the Connecting Link employee) Like her well!

Thank you Connecting Link employee and your associate in the office!