Emergency Financial Assistance

Trained professional staff provide emergency financial assistance to residents through coordination of donated funds to pay for essential daily living needs. Funds are primarily utilized to prevent the eviction of families from their homes and/or termination of their primary utilities. Assistance may also be provided to purchase prescription medications or transportation for non-emergency medical appointments or new employment.

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PATH Street Outreach

PATH Outreach Program offers outreach, screening and assessment services, assistance with rehousing, referral to community mental health and alcohol or drug treatment services, case management, and other services homeless individuals and/or families may need on the road to self-sufficiency.

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Social Work Budget Counseling

Budget Counselors provide the tools necessary to build a working monthly budget that will assist individuals and families in taking control of their financial boundaries. This is a crucial first step in becoming more self-reliant and less dependent upon outside assistance.

The main goals of engaging clients in budget counseling is to educate, motivate, support and empower them to become active participants in their finances.

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Friends In The Journey

You are not alone in your journey to self-sufficiency!

We are here to help!

Whether you are in need of a mentor to help guide you through the housing and stabilization process and setting life changing goals or simply a "friend" to help with community resources through a crisis stage in your life. We are here to help manage your case through the thick and thin!

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Referral Resources

WV 211 has partnered with Connecting Link, Inc. and several other entities across the state to provide a totally online database of referral resources and agency information available to everyone. WV 211 is an ever evolving collaborative effort to continually update and create a user friendly workable database to simplify the hunt for needed services within each county of West Virginia.

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Feeding the hungry

Connecting Link can provide you with a current up-to-date food pantry listing within each of our service areas. This listing will include dates and times the pantries are open, addresses, phone numbers, and contact information (where applicable).

We also provide food vouchers in Marion County for the food pantry located within Central United Methodist Church.

We have also partnered with Mountaineer Food Bank to continue to bring meats, vegetables, fruits, bakery items, etc. to the area for distribution.

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Our Mission


The Mission of Connecting Link is to meet an individual's immediate crisis need and assist residents of North Central West Virginia locate resources to aid them in becoming more self-sufficient.

Connecting Link, Inc. also provides for the most efficient and effective use of community dollars and reduces the dehumanizing effect of clients traveling door-to-door seeking assistance.

Connecting Link

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Monongalia & Preston County Office

Additional Help

Marion County Office


Give - Advocate - Volunteer

Follow the path to help us help those with the greatest needs!

Community, business, religious, civic organizations, and individual donations are the back-bone of our ability to assist our friends and neighbors in need.

Donations, both monetary and in-kind, along with volunteer efforts are always greatly appreciated.

Please remember us, and the individuals and families we serve with the spirit of a giving heart!

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This is should be a prospective customer's number one call to action, e.g., requesting a quote or perusing your product catalog.